28th of February 1969.

Outside court number one at the Old Bailey, Central Criminal Court London.


“ Its Pandemonium this is Russell Taylor reporting from outside the Old Bailey on BBC Radio, Ronnie Kray accompanied by his Brothers Reginald and Charles have just left the court FREE men.

They were picked up by a cream coloured Rolls Royce and whisked off after just being given not guilty verdicts on all counts, all around me everyone is in shock. This case the longest in British Judicial history has caused utter chaos in the streets that surround the old bailey and now after two murders and one suspected murder and the deaths of two of the co defendants John and Anthony Barrie while in custody and the murder of police witness Scotch Jack Dixon the notorious Kray firm has walked away free from all charges".


BBC reporter Russell Taylor a senior crime reporter was then suddenly barged from his position on the steps, stopping his statement, Taylor turned to see that his colleagues and the crowd were rushing frantically towards a side entrance to the Bailey as news speedily carried that one of the Kray firm was making his exit. Taylor forced his way to the front of the crowd by using his status as a BBC man just in time to see Freddie Foreman walk into the crowd with his arms aloft in victory

“Mr Foreman!”

“Mr Foreman!” Russell Taylor from BBC news, Do you have a statement!”

“Mr Foreman, Mr Foreman!”

“Can we have a statement please”?


Russell Taylor sensing from his years of working oas a journalist could feel that the jubilant Foreman was not going to say a word, so swiftly he found himself some room and ordered his film crew to start filming with Foreman in the background.

“Behind me now making his way to a car is Freddie Foreman, long time associate of the Kray Gang, Foreman has been found not guilty on all counts,”

Then suddenly another forceful surge of the crowd forced the reporter from his position, Taylor turned to see his colleagues from the press turning there attention to Detective Chief Inspector Leonard Read who being flanked by two burly policeman was leaving the courts.

Read after countless pleas from the crowd stopped on the steps.

“What are your thoughts, Chief Inspector”

“Was this a miscarriage of justice Inspector?

Read held his hands up to the crowd as if trying to calm the bedlam

“Please!, Please there will be an official statement from the police at an appropriate time” he shouted.

“Do you have any links to the murder of Dixon”?

“Will there be any further charges Inspector”

“I have no comment at this time”

Russell Taylor once again forced his way to the front so that he blocked the inspector’s path

“Are the Kray’s untouchable now Inspector!” he asked


Detective Chief Inspector Leonard “nipper” Read suddenly stopped in his tracks he gazed up at the old wily face of Taylor angered by his remark

“I shall rephrase the question Inspector, Are the Kray’s above the law” asked Taylor now more quietly

Read tilted his head in frustration

“No one is above the law, not one single individual or groups, it is the laws that bond us as a civilisation, we have a system, a very old and trusted system that is beyond both yours and mine questioning or doubt, it is not perfect but that is justice, we put our faith and prayers into it and in the end it always wins”

“Was today a victory for you Inspector”

“Like I said before Mr Taylor there will be an official statement at a later date but I will add that as long as continue to serve in her majesties police force I shall not cease to apprehend and convict the culprits who commit murder or threaten the publics safety with violence and intimidation”


“There we have the words of Chief Inspector Read” replied Russell Taylor as he turned towards his TV crew “ Today’s events are sure to be a Land mark in London’s Criminal History, only a few months ago we heard how the Kray gang were finished from their life of crime, in the words of chief inspector read he said on the day of there arrest that London was now a safer place and now on the 28th of February 1969 that same gang has walked away from the old bailey as free men, have we witnessed justice here today or have we witnessed the blackest day in British judicial history and the biggest travesty ever to take place in a British court, this is Russell Taylor for the BBC outside the Old Bailey Court”


In 1969 the Kray twins were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder with a recommendation that they serve the minimum of 30 years.


On that day at the old bailey their criminal careers were over, if they survived in prison they would both be well into the sixties by the time they were ever eligible for parole.


For over a decade the Kray’s had dominated the London crime scene and forged a criminal empire that spanned across the whole country and even reached across the pond to the American mafia in New York.


Joseph Henry Gaines now brings you what would have happened if on that day in 1969 at the old bailey criminal courts the jury would have come back with a NOT GUILTY verdict.


This is a story of what if? Or what would have happened next;

it is a fictional account of how the Kray’s would have adapted to the changing face of crime and how the other Firms and gangs in London would have reacted if the Kray’s were still around.


In the seventies crime changed, drug smuggling became big business, armed robbery increased, in the eighties came the boom time , cocaine and stock exchange swindles, ecstasy and the rave scene.


How would the Kray twins have adapted to all of this, would London change at all or would have London spiralled into a town that resembled Chicago in the 1920’s.


Krays-Not Guilty Your Honour series will have the answers


Author Joseph henry Gaines spent many days in the eighties at Broadmoor hospital visiting Ronnie Kray and sometimes Ron’s dear friend Charlie Smith. Gaines even had family members who were very close friends and business partners of the Kray’s during the 1950’s and 1960’s.


With this inside knowledge of the Kray family Gaines brings them back to life, he brings back as innocent men and back onto the streets of London…….and back into their lives of crime.