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"Read this book, its bloody Dynamite!"
Joey Pyle
Lifetime friend of the Krays and
Ronnie's best man at his wedding

When I first heard about this book I wanted to read it to see if the author had them looking how they were. I got to admit reading this book was just like going for a night out with the twins again; it’s scary just how realistic Gaines has portrayed them, especially Ronnie and Tony Lambrianou.
In the book where Ron and Tony are talking I can actually hear their voices saying those words. In my opinion Gaines gets the thumbs up, there are only a handful of people alive who knew what the twins were really like, Gaines is one of them.

Joey Pyle sr
Lifetime friend of the Krays

Bloody masterpiece! Gaines has got it spot on. He describes and portrays the old bill exactly how they were all those years ago, vindictive bastards. Well done Joe I absolutely loved the book

Jeff Brown
Spent time with Reggie in Frankland & Leicester Prison

This book should not be allowed; it portrays and promotes violence in its extreme. Ronnie Kray was a homosexual psychopath who is better left in the past

Sent in by email

A friend of mine recommended this book to me, and I'm so glad he did. As I've not read a book that has kept me on such a knife edge for a long time.
I've never heard of the Author before, but apparently he is one of only a hand full of people who actually knew The Krays personally & this comes across in his very inventive writing. The story structure is well balanced, as it flows from situation to situation, without leaving you guessing. More like it kept me salivating for what was going to happen next.
The author builds up the tension & then BANG, it all kicks off, not just the once, but many times!
The way conversations are written in this book made me feel as if I were there in the room. It goes into graphic, bloody & bone crunching detail of what The Krays were like, dealing with "Business on their Manor".
A very harrowing and scary tale, not for the faint hearted. It also gives insight into how big the Krays empire could have grown, bent coppers trying desperately trying to fit people up, sarcastic humor & everything else involved in the sinister world of the underworld.
It may not be to everyone's taste, but I loved it & can't wait for the next book.
Better still, if the original film about The Krays is anything to go by, this would make an even better movie

Guy Morris
Customer & freind of Joey Pyle

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